LOUISVILLE, Ky. – K-Line Ag, an Australian manufacturer of heavy duty lines of farm machinery, including speedtillers, trash management equipment, CropCommanders, harrows and bars, turf mowers and hay rakes, announced today the official launch of its subsidiary company in North Dakota and its newly designed Speedtiller Powerflex in the U.S., the latest innovation in its Speedtiller line. With the opening of this new operation, K-Line Ag now offers its equipment to farmers in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

To mark its U.S. market debut, the K-Line Ag subsidiary company will be present at the National Farm Machinery Show, Feb. 15-18, in Louisville, Ky., to discuss the unveiling of the Speedtiller Powerflex. You can see the Speedtiller Powerflex in action here

“As a family of farmers, we not only understand the agricultural industry from first-hand experience, but have a deep-rooted passion for it,” said Bill Larsen, director of sales and marketing at K-Line Ag. “By opening a U.S. operation and continuing to manufacture industry-leading equipment such as the Speedtiller Powerflex, we hope to revolutionize the farming industry and make tilling more efficient for farmers worldwide.”

The new Speedtiller Powerflex is the flagship of K-Line Ag and incorporates highly advanced and field-proven features with the existing Speedtiller advantages, the company says. This dual-purpose machine was designed and built for superior performance in all soil types and conditions, and allows for maximum weed-cut, a smoother field finish and more consistent sizing and incorporation.