Here's a list of the most popular items we've published at from the month of December. 

The On The Record newscast took the top spot this month, in which our editors settled some acquisition rumors surrounding Versatile, looked at the updated forecast for 2016 net cash farm income and net farm income, the challenges signal reliability pose toward the success of GPS and guidance systems, Deere’s 2016 fourth quarter results and Titan Machinery’s third quarter results for fiscal year 2017.

Other items in the top 10 include blogs from our editors and contributing writers, covering the forecast and turning point for 2017, the dealer auction for SEMA Equipment that is being viewed as the sale that set the market, Part 2 of Customer Service Rant: And Now for the Good News…, and the November 2016 Tractor & Combine Analysis.

Top 10 Most Viewed Online Stories in December:

1. On The Record: Versatile Puts Rumors to Rest

2. A ‘Turning Point’ in 2017?

3. CNH Industrial Responds to Fabricated Press Release on Lawsuit

4. Machinery Pete: A Sale That Sets the Market

5. Manufacturer M&A: Possibilities to Ponder

6. Part 2 — Customer Service Rant: And Now for the Good News…

7. On The Record: Far West Dealers Turn Down Merger with WEDA

8. November 2016 Tractor & Combine Analysis

9. A Farm Implement Among 10 Things That Will Soon Disappear Forever

10. New Holland, John Deere are Market Leaders in EU Tractor Sales

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