The DMC8540R 13 foot mower conditioner has full-width chevron conditioner rollers that can handle fragile crops with even conditioning across the full width for superb swath formation and even drying of the crop. The DMC8540R features Kubota’s own patented, fully-welded cutterbar and full-width conditioning. 

All Kubota DMC mower conditioners are designed to ensure a high level of durability, low maintenance and quiet operation. With three counter-rotating blades per disc, Kubota mowers are constantly cutting, which allows for one-third less load per blade, an even load on the drive and smoother power use to produce a neat, clean cut each and every time.

The new DMC8540R also offers outstanding suspension, enabling the DMC8540R to follow any type of ground contours as well as giving maximum protection to the cutterbar to ride over obstacles in the field.

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