The Yardmax compact Power Wheelbarrow is ideal for completing the most daunting outdoor projects with ease. Operator-friendly and easy-to-maneuver, this power wheelbarrow offers self-propelled all-wheel drive and provides optimal handling for stability across uneven, muddy and wet ground. Operators can safely move and dump up to 660 pounds of material using the two-position enabled controls. 

Yardmax focuses on enhancing user experience by incorporating premium design features as standard on all of its products for no additional cost.

Special Power Wheelbarrow features include:

• All terrain, self-propelled all-wheel drive
• Zero turn radius
• Multi-speed heavy-duty transmission (3 forward speeds plus reverse)
• Two-position enabled controls to ensure safe operation with an instant stop
• One handed release to easily dump loads
• Directional AG tires provide traction across uneven terrain
• Evenly balanced to maximize control and prevent tipping

All YARDMAX products are backed by robust warranties and personalized customer support. 

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