ST8 and ST12 Spraytests are tools for doing nozzle checks. Using a hand held remote the sprayer operator can easily and safely do visual nozzle checks to look for plugged or partially plugged nozzles. One trip out of the cab allows operator to check, service and recheck nozzles. This tool eliminates the need for a second individual in the cab and means that nozzles can be checked often, even in the field if needed. The sprayer can be parked so the drift from the sprayer moves away from the operator.

Eliminates over spraying in one spot as each section is controlled individually. As long as the button is held, the section selected will spray and once the button is released, the valve will close and the sprayer will stop spraying.

Model ST8 is used for sprayers with up to 8 boom sections and the ST12 is used for up to 12 boom sections.

Plug and play harnesses make installation quick and easy. Spraytests mount outside of the cab and the plug and play harnesses connect into factory connectors. The Spraytest can also be used for flushing booms as well as recharging booms and is a great tool for liquid fertilizer applicators as well.

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