Wilger's O-ring seal (ORS) manifold provides a cost effective way to build any manifold required for liquid metering needs. The modular manifold is easy to extend infinitely and does not use any threads or sealant, so it is easy to maintain install and customized for any application.

The ORS manifold comes with a host of fittings, from simple plumbing fittings to integrated metering check valves. Each fitting is installed with a universal u-clip design, providing the ability to rotate any fittings 360° without having to worry about leaks. The ORS manifold is compatible with all Flow View Flow Indicator fittings, making it even more versatile than other manifold options.

Ideal for liquid fertilizer liquid kits, it allows users to effectively build, meter and have inline check valves for far less than other liquid kit options available on the market.

For more information, please visit http://www.wilger.net.