ST. LOUIS, Mo. – For businesses, including many Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) members, workplace violence has become a growing concern.  Not only do these events cause irreparable harm to the employees who are involved, but they also have profound liability implications for employers in the aftermath. While random acts of violence can occur anywhere, there are best practices that employers can follow to mitigate the risk of such an occurrence at their place of business. 

Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) has scheduled a free webinar to help dealers prepare for and minimize the risk of violence in the workplace.  The webinar will be led by Natalie Higgins, EDA’s VP of Government Relations and General Counsel, and will address the following:

1.       What liability risks do acts of workplace violence pose to dealerships?

2.       What steps can a dealership take from a human resources perspective to minimize the risk of workplace violence caused by employees?

3.       What steps can dealerships lawfully take to minimize or prohibit the possession of weapons by employees and/or third parties in the workplace? 

4.       What steps can a dealership take to prepare employees for a workplace violence event? 

Natalie will be joined by Angela Louis of HR Solutions St. Louis. Angela is a former law enforcement officer with over ten years of human resource consulting experience.

EDA encourages managers and human resources professionals attend this webinar which is completely free for dealer members -- get registered today!  

Date/Time: Wednesday, August 31st at 12:00pm (CDT)

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