How do you know when an employee is ready to take on more responsibility within the company and step into a management position? According to an article for Small Business Trends, there are a few telltale signs. Eleven entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council were asked, “What is a telltale quality of someone who is ready to take on a C-suite role within your team?” Here’s what they had to say:

Question everything. This doesn’t mean employees are undermining authority. Instead, they question the way things are currently being done with an eye toward improving processes currently in place. This level of focus indicates an employee has leadership potential.

Attract followers. When other employees begin looking for advice or direction from a fellow employee, this is a key indicator that that employee is capable of taking on more leadership responsibilities.

Lateral thinking. Lateral thinkers develop creative solutions that are invaluable to a business.

Show ownership. Employees who show ownership don’t wait to be given responsibility. When they see a problem, they search for the answer.

Invested in the company. Employees who are ready for a leadership or management position are often as bothered by problems as the owner or CEO of the company. “If they’re up at night worried about the company, it means their heart is in the right place,” one entrepreneur said.

 Act the part. Many employees who are ready to become managers are already doing many of the things managers do. When they already have the responsibility and mindset without having the official title, this is a clear sign an employee is ready to take the next step as a manager with a company.

Dedicated to development. When an employee is dedicated to personal and professional development, they can’t help but grow. This type of person will search for the “why” of problems when looking for a solution.

Fill in the gaps. Employees who are ready to become managers take action and look for places they can step in to help improve the company.

Emotional intelligence. Employees need to be able to stay calm under pressure. One entrepreneur said, “The ability to handle adversity with emotional awareness allows us to guide our thinking and behavior appropriately.”