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Eastern Farm Machinery Self Loading Cement Mixer

This self loading cement mixer comes in 9 different sizes to fit any loader, skid steer or excavator. Standard mount is universal skid steer but others are available. It has middle (hydraulic) or side (manual) delivery, and capacities from 6 cubic feet up to 39 cubic feet. The SL mixing bucket is equipped with: safety rounded grill with bag breaker, auger with mixing paddles made of HB 400 steel, fully protected hydraulic motor, electric valve with hydraulic hoses, electrical connection kit, hoses with flat face couplers, hydraulic opening of the bottom slide with 6" hose, manual side opening with chute.

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RAMROD Heavy Duty 3330 PRO Series from Leon Mfg.

Since 1982, RAMROD Equipment has been a pioneer of Mini-Skid Loaders and attachments for the landscaping, grounds maintenance, turf, light industrial, demolition, mining, and farming industries. Today, RAMROD is proud to showcase its newest Model — The RAMROD Heavy Duty 3330 PRO Series. Its exclusive patented RAMROD Parallel Lift Design provides 3,300 pounds of lift capacity up to a height of 102 inches. The “high drive” system is capable of 2550 lbs of torque for greater digging and pulling power. With more than 70 attachments available, the versatile RAMROD 3300 PRO Series can handle any task with ease.

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Danuser Intimidator

The Intimidator is a versatile tree, post and rock puller. It’s ideal for eliminating trees, saplings, shrubs, stumps, bushes, boulders, clearing fencerows or close to buildings and other obstructions. Its unique design allows you to selectively eliminate what you want. The replaceable excavator bucket teeth and vertical jaw saw teeth allow the operator to dig and cut roots to remove larger trees and stumps. The uniquely synchronized jaws, designed for less wear and tear on the vehicle, are actuated by a rear-mounted, fully protected 3-inch diameter cylinder; allowing you to aggressively excavate objects without fear of damage to the cylinder. The tapered jaw design means larger objects can be gripped in the back of the jaws, maximizing pulling force of up to 21,000 pounds

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Berlon’s Low Profile Class III Pallet Forks Accommodates Center Linkage Design

Manufactured for larger machines with greater lifting capacities, Berlon’s Low Profile, Class III Pallet Forks are designed to provide clearance for the new center linkage designs on late model wheel loaders. With a load rating of 7,000 pounds (pair at 24 inches), Berlon’s Class III Pallet Forks are ideal for Construction, Agriculture, Landscaping and Industrial applications. Features include a heavy duty brick guard, large square holes for excellent visability, and optional steps. Every fork is clearly marked with load capacity and traceability information and meets or exceeds all industry recommendations, and standards. Comes standard with a Universal Skid Steer Mounting Plate, our part number MPUF-1HD. Made in the USA, dealers can proudly take advantage of Berlon’s Dealership Branding Opportunity, by having their dealership name plasma-cut into the brick guard. Also available in class II walk-through brick guard (4,000 and 5,000 pound rated forks only).

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