By Art White, White's Farm Supply, Waterville, N.Y.

The Kubota-Land Pride concept is far from new as most other major manufacturers are involved with at least alliance if not more. We've seen these alliances in many industries, for trucks; look at the various engines and transmissions combinations.

Will it succeed? I think that it's a good combination as Kubota has been using other manufacturers' attachments for years for its 3-point hitch attachments and its offering was limited, to say the least. Now they can ensure a good quality attachment to complement the equipment they build and assure the customer that these attachments are right for their tractors and the jobs they have to do.

There is no one machine that is right for every job. The flexibility of allowing someone who builds a good product to work with someone else to expand the product depth is the proper way to succeed economically. The ability to have two lines that complement each other so well is a win-win for both companies. When they fit so well, I'd be disappointed if the companies couldn't get together.

There is some crossover as far as dealers are concerned and it will be interesting to see how this will be handled to equalize things between Kubota and Land Pride lines, but it has been done before and hopefully it will be smooth.

This will be far from the last of the alliances we will see in this industry.