In a November 12 letter to its dealers , Kinze Manufacturing, Williamsburg, Iowa, provided several updates against the backdrop of recent M&A news and a follow up on the dealer conference call earlier in the week from Senior Global Product Manager Eric Nettleton.

“While the Ag market remains uncertain, with constant changes like mergers, acquisitions and sharp decline in market demand, Kinze remains steadfast, drawing on 50 years of Ag market experience and supported by many new innovations to increase farmer productivity,” said Susanne Veatch, Vice President & CMO, who had just returned from Agritechnica, Hanover, Germany. “Together we have achieved 35% market share and will continue to provide innovative solutions for our customers as we move forward. The programs we have released are designed to help you move new Kinze planters and carts and used Kinze planters.”

Investment in R&D, Electronics. The letter also addressed the recent news of the John Deere-Precision Planting acquisition, news that has had dealers of all colors wondering about the future. The letter stated that “during this downturn, we continue to improve current Kinze products and invest in R&D to bring new future innovations to the market. A year ago, we established our first ever electronics controls engineering division as we transition towards bringing all our electronics in house. We opened an office in North Liberty, Iowa, and have a very skilled and experienced team that is focusing on Kinze electronics and next generation innovations.”

Programs. “While we may not be getting the typical margins that we like to see, we know that those of us that are able to move products will stand in the best positions as we move forward in the marketplace. Kinze is one of the few manufacturers offering programs as it is our intent to help our dealers be more successful through our partnership relationship.”

Interim Sales & Service Contact. The letter also informed dealer that Global Director of Sales Martin Levy had resigned effective November 13, and that Kinze was actively seeking a “strong leader with an agricultural background and extensive dealer development experience.” Dave Rinker, director of customer service and aftermarket, will be the sales/service contact in the interim.