DIS’s Sales Logistics inventory sales app helps dealers quickly search current dealership unit inventory and give customers answers to their questions fast. The app is available for both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets and allows salespeople at the dealership to browse, search, sort and save selected units for discussion with customers. Units can be searched for by full or partial make, model, description, dealership stock number or serial number. Salespeople can also browse inventory by new, used, rental, other or all units. The app displays photos of the unit and provides full unit information, specs and pricing.

Information is updated constantly throughout the day when connected to the Internet and the unit inventory on the dealership’s DIS Keystone system, including all changes and additions, are automatically updated on salespeople’s smartphones and tablets. Sales Logistics is also able to keep the dealership’s inventory fully contained in the mobile device even when there is no Internet access. The app stores the dealership’s inventory and controls mobile device synchronization among the salespeople.

QR code labels can be used to scan equipment and quickly look up information or perform a unit inventory count. To quickly count inventory, scan each item with a mobile device as you walk past and it is automatically recorded as counted and tagged with the unit’s exact GPS location and the time it was scanned. Equipment can also be manually entered as counted if there is no QR label attached.

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