Charlie Deckler, regional sales manager with Rhino, introduces Rhino's 15 foot Flex-Wing cutter, the 2150, at the 2015 Farm Progress Show. The new model has easy-open access to the gearbox which makes maintenance easier than competitors.

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Rhino announced its new 15 foot Flex-Wing model, which offers 0.5- x 4-inch blades with a 9-inch cutting edge and features a smooth top and bottom deck design. The new 2150 Rhino Flex-Wing was unveiled at the 2015 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill.

In addition to wider cutting-edge blades, the 2150 includes a new LED lighting system on the back as a standard feature. The new lighting system meets or exceeds all safety standards for lighting slow-moving implements without adding a bulky or unsightly accessory.

“We always make safety a priority for all our products,” says Lyndon Dittus, Rhino’s product manager. “Our flex-wings are durable to keep our operators safe while mowing, and our new safety features extend safety to the road as they move from location to location.”

As with all Rhino products, durability is of utmost importance. The heavy-duty cutting blades are mounted to Rhino’s Infinity cast carrier for superior cut quality. The 2150 utilizes many of the same drivetrain components as the 3150 and features a spring suspension for maximum flexibility.

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