Message From Kim Rominger, Executive VP in July/August 2015 edition of the MAERA newsletter:

"In a joint meeting held June 11, the Board of Directors of Mid-America Equipment Retailers Association (MAERA) and the Ohio-Michigan Equipment Dealers Association (OMEDA) unanimously agreed to pursue a merger of the two associations.

"The Boards’ plan will be submitted to the dealer members of each Association for approval. The Board of Directors of both Associations agreed that in light of industry changes, the consolidation will be beneficial moving forward.

"The merger will give the Association a greater voice with manufacturers and suppliers as well as state and federal legislative entities. It will allow the Association to position itself better with members given the increasing number of member dealers that have locations in both associations in addition to locations in other affiliate areas.

"This will also streamline decision making for all dealers in our four-state area to allow the Association to react quicker to changing trends, governmental issues and industry issues. It will provide for a more common platform for all dealers in our four states.

"Changes in our industry continue to occur at a rapid pace. This combination of leadership of our organization increases our ability to be ahead of the change curve and position the Association as a leader in our industry representing independent dealers.

"Being an advocate for dealers in all areas of the industry and governmental agencies is our primary responsibility, Regulations continue to be a heavy burden on our members and the Association’s ability to get the correct information to all members in a concise and quick manner will be enhanced as will the delivery of new programs to our members. As an Association member, you will notice little to no change in your interaction with the Association.

"All of the services currently available to members (i.e., legal, legislation, manufacturer relations, accounting, insurance, forms and supplies, etc.) will remain the same. Should you have any questions regarding this merger, please do not hesitate to call us at 800-606-6332. Thank you for your continued support of your Association!"