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The Linak LA36 electric actuator is designed to operate under extreme conditions that impact ag equipment, including planters, sprayers, combines, tractors and loaders. It is an alternative to hydraulic solutions with thrust from 500-10,000 N. It offers force up to 3,300 pounds, stroke lengths up to 40 inches, solid metal construction and operating voltages of 12, 24 and 36 vdc.

Compared to both hydraulic and pneumatic systems an actuator solution is a lot easier to install, according to Linak. It takes up less space, as there are no hoses and pumps that require routine maintenance to avoid safety hazards and messy oil leaks, the company says.

 It is available with four smart iFLEX options: IC Basic, IC Advanced, Bus and parallel. iFLEX helps optimize production and minimize maintenance costs by providing no control boxes and fewer cables. For more information, visit http://www.linak-us.com/products/linear-actuators.aspx?product=LA36.