New Holland

In March 2014, New Holland Tri County in Bluffton, Ind., expanded its shop and kept energy savings in mind through the process, says manager Ken Mast. The heating and cooling system is geothermal and this summer solar panels will be installed. In addition to energy conservation, the shop features a 120 x 60 foot over-head crane. “We can now drive combines with duals or a 35-foot head into the building,” Mast says. “What this has done for us is build customer confidence.

We sell mainly big cash crop equipment, combines, tractors, planters and tillage tools. Combines keep us very busy and now our customers can see we are serious about it.”

Tri County also converted 2 bays from the old shop into parts storage for larger items, such as diesel exhaust fluid, baler twine, net wrap, bulk oil and large parts for the tillage and planter equipment. “This allows us to control and find inventory quicker and more efficiently,” he says.

The former shop is now used for planter setup and some equipment storage. “We all have those customers who bring you equipment to work on and when it's finished they stress that they don't want it outside in the snow and cold. So, now we have a little extra room to accommodate them until it is returned to the farm. It is just an extra step we take in customer service,” Mast says.

“These two factors have shown customers that we are ready to grow with them for years to come.”