Featured Product

Bigham’s new Super Duty Strip-Till allows growers to prepare a tilled zone and leave valuable residue around it for the protection of tender young crops. With this strip-till unit, farmers will disturb less soil and residue for the conservation of water, soil and organic material and eliminate wasteful multiple tillage and chemical application passes.

This tool tills planting strips for better crop growing conditions and increased water holding capacity. It firms and prepares the seedbed for optimum planting results and lets farmers place fertilizer and herbicides at the same time. It easily handles large volumes of crop residue while providing the advantages of combined field operations to reduce field trips.

Row unit mounts to a 7 x 7 tool bar. A rear gang is welded from structural tube and may be equipped with virtually any combination of attachments. The extended frame promotes maximum residue and soil flow between tillage components.

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