Vermeer Corp. has introduced a new series of round balers that includes two models designed for high-capacity hay and forage production, and an additional two models specially designed for the rigors of cornstalk baling. The 604/605N balers and 604/605N Cornstalk Special balers deliver the strength, productivity and operating convenience of classic Vermeer Super M technology — but with added capability and enhanced performance.

600N Series Balers“The first thing you notice about the new 600N series balers is the sleek, modern design that evokes a sense of force and motion,” said Phil Chrisman, product manager at Vermeer. “Upon closer inspection, you will recognize many well-designed, heavy-duty components that made Super M balers so popular, as well as several new features that contribute to the high performance and durability of this new line of balers.”

600N series balers are equipped with 5-bar pickups, a Direct Crop Feed system that enables the forage crop to be fed directly to the bottom drum and bale-starting chamber, the patented dual-stage belt tightening system that reduces the chamber size by 50% and allows the hay to turn quicker. An optional netwrap system is also available. These are all features carried over from the Super M series.

New features include an optional pickup clutch that automatically stops the pickup when desired bale size is reached, lessening inadvertent overfill of the bale chamber and helping to protect the rollers, bearings and belts. Tool-less gauge wheel adjustments make it easy to adjust pickup height. The new E-Link Pro display coupled with optional scale kit and moisture sensors provides convenient access to bale weight and moisture readings. In addition, an optional auto-lube greasing system provides automatic lubrication to critical bearings at user-defined intervals.

“These new features are intended to offer a productivity advantage and enhance operator convenience, and we’re confident operators will appreciate the simplicity and usability of these additions,” said Chrisman. “Whether you intend to produce large 6-foot diameter hay bales or cornstalk bales, 600N series balers offer the strength, durability and performance needed to get the job done.”