Great Plains also enhanced two of its traditional tillage tools to improve performance and reduce maintenance. The new 7000 series disc harrow replaces the 3000 and 4000 series. It maintains the double offset gang configuration and now has a leveling mechanism and single torque tube across the center frame. “The new design tremendously reduces the amount of linkage that ties everything together, which reduces wear points and increases function and reliability,” says Rodney Hake, Great Plains tillage engineering manager.

7000 Series Disc HarrowThe 7000 series is available in widths of 23-36 feet with 7.5- or 9-inch row spacing The harrow also has 24-inch or 26-inch diameter blade options, larger tires and PEER maintenance-free bearings.

The Ultra-Chisel is primarily a vertical tillage tool, but fits conventional tillage applications as well. It is available in widths of 21-33 feet, with 9- or 12-inch spacing and optional 12-16 inch sweeps. Its spring loaded shanks of 900 pounds of trip force and 30 inches of underframe clearance.

“We really focused on making it maintenance free,” says Michael Ohnsat, Ultra-Chisel engineer. “We eliminated all the grease zerks in the pivot areas in the wing hitch, and in the walking tandems we went away from a tapered rolling bearing and went with a Teflon-wound bushing that is maintenance free and sealed with dust caps on the outside.”

The chisel also has a rocking bolster and walking tandems on the front gauge wheels and main frame and a floating hitch. This design helps absorb shocks and helps keep all wheels on the ground, enabling all the tires to carry the whole weight of the machine, reducing wear.