Great Plains to Offer New Max-Tested Disc Harrow

Great Plains announces the availability of its new and improved 7000 Series Disc Harrow. Like its predecessor, the 7000 Series Disc Harrow delivers the reliability and performance Great Plains customers have come to expect. Its double offset gang configuration remains one of the most effective methods to mechanically eliminate weeds while re-leveling rutted fields. The new model, however, includes the following improvements that separate the Great Plains 7000 Series Disc Harrow from its competitors:

  • Increased Transport Clearance
  • Increased Transport Capacity
  • A One-Piece Center Torque Tube Axle
  • Improved Lift Axle Design
  • Improved Hydraulic System
  • Improved Leveling System
  • Heavier Gang Bars
  • Hydraulic Gauge Wheels on large-wing models
  • Low-Profile Hitch
  • Maintenance-Free Pivot Points and Bearings 

Additionally, farmers will appreciate the time and money savings the Great Plains 7000 Series Disc Harrow delivers through its maintenance-free pivot points and bearings, resulting in an implement that is “grease zerk free.”

The 7000 Series Disc is available in widths of 23-36 feet and will be delivered to authorized Great Plains dealers this spring. For more information, visit