It’s a critical period for the maturity of the U.S. corn and soybean crops and their condition through July continues to point toward a bumper crop.

Yesterday, USDA issued its weekly Crop Progress update. 73% of corn is rated as “good” (51%) or “excellent” (22%). Of the biggest corn producing states, Illinois had the most corn rated “excellent” with 29% and 52% rated “good.” It was followed by Iowa, with 25% rated “excellent” and 52% rated as “good.”

Overall, 90% of corn is said to be silking as of August 3. That compares to 78% a week earlier and 84% a year ago. The 5-year average of silking at this point is 88%

The U.S. soybean crop isn’t too far behind, with 71% rated as “good” (55%) or “excellent” (16%). Comparatively, soybean conditions are unchanged from a week earlier 7% (51% “good” and 13% “excellent”) on this same date in 2013.

USDA reported that 85% of the soybean crop was blooming. This is up from 76% a week earlier and 77% a year ago. The 5-year average at this point is 83% of the crop blooming.