For the 37th year, farmers, farm equipment dealers and agribusiness professionals gathered in Regina, Saskatchewan for Canada's Farm Progress Show. With 1.8 million square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibits and more than 45,000 attendees from around the world, it is Canada's largest trade show.

Located in the western central part of Canada, the area is dryland farming that extends down into the U.S. Great Plains. The farms in these regions are big and the equipment is equal in scope. Much of the machinery on display reflected the size of the farms in the area, and could be described as big and getting bigger.

Farm Equipment staff spent two days meeting with exhibitors and talking with attendees that welcomed the newest innovations at this event designed to make their operations more efficient. Here are some of the highlights.

New at Canada's Farm Progress was the Zurn Profi Cut. The Profi Cut is a high-performance all-crop, direct cutting header/bio-mass harvester. It can be used with cereals, grass, clover, alfalfa, sunflower, milo, sorghum and more. Built with Walterscheid components, the header is height-adjustable with a central pivoting point for direct crop flow.

Ag Growth International introduced its all-new The Gulp drive over hopper. Unlike other drive over hoppers that utilize augers, the unit features a belt conveyor that gives it a very low profile of 4.5 inches. The low profile also allows for quick drainage where a regular auger system can trap standing water.

Lemken introduced the Rubin 12. This is a one-pass compact disc harrow that can operate on all soils in areas that were previously reserved for cultivators. The Rubin 12 features 3 different sets of discs on independent suspension that provide a full cut and can operate to depths up to 8 inches.

Elmer's Mfg.'s new Nutri Master ANH3 Caddy is equipped with Elmer's brand-new Power Tracks. This is an industry-first PTO driven track system that can provide an additional 250 horsepower to tracks in forward or reverse to provide optimum flotation and superior traction for grain carts or caddies in the worst field conditions.

The Loftness GL System 10 grain bag unloader features a high-capacity, low-profile hopper with the capacity to load a 1,000 bushel trailer in 7 minutes. The GL-10 GBU works with 10 foot bags or optional 9 foot bags. The GL System 10 is designed for speed, capacity, stability and ease of use.

Seed Hawk presented 3 new tank lines, the 660, 800 and 980. Pictured is the 980 with a 4 tank configuration. The 980 and the series is designed for the company's "Acres to Empties" philosophy with modular meter design and better accuracy with in-field calibration. Standard equipment includes the iCon Wireless Control System, sectional control technology, tow-behind package and more.

Convey-All Industries presents the brand new CST-C commercial seed tender. The CST-C can unload over 1,000 bushels in just 20 minutes and can be used year-round for seed during planting and to receive grain during harvest to storage or market. The 10 foot hopper height easily fits most bulk systems and the conveyor has over 20 feet of swing to fill all tanks without moving the truck. Manufactured in 4 sizes from 20 feet (600 bushels) to 40 feet (1,190 bushels).

Flaman brought the K-Line Industries Speedtiller to North America at the 2014 show. The Speedtiller has bearing placement behind each disc to maximize trash flow and to provide longer bearing life and a high density rubber torsion assembly with each disc so they move independently. Standard 22 inch or optional 24 inch discs are available and the unit is available in operating widths of 5.5-43 feet. Discs can be adjusted for deep or shallow tillage.

The Ag Shield Land Roller equipped with Valmar Seeder options becomes the Ag Shield Pasture Doctor that can level mounds, add seed and roll stones in one pass.

Dutch Industries is exclusively bringing SUMO tillage products from the UK to North America. The SUMO Quatro is designed to provide deep cultivation in heavy residue or shallow high-speed cultivation to low surface subsoiling. There are 4 elements on the Quatro including the hydraulically adjustable double row on twin mounted discs, adjustable carbide tip cultivators, hydraulically adjustable mixing discs for a final mix, and the patented Multipacka for a final finish.

All new from Mandako is the 1,200 bushel grain cart with tie-rod auto-steering, hydraulic rear axle steering, a tandem axle for no load on drawbar, optional scales and large floatation tires.

The Bourgault 7700 air seeder is equipped with the easily accessible Saddle tank and pallet storage platform. The Saddle tank with its easy access is considered a "5th" tank for additional product like canola or inoculants. The bulk boom option makes loading of bulk bags of product more convenient and efficient. The bulk boom can be controlled with wireless controllers provided by Kar-Tech out of Delafield, Wis.

Schulte Industries showcased the Folding SV plow available in 10-, 12- and 14-foot widths. The SV blade pivots 30 degrees front or back on a heavy-duty main pin and is seen here with an optional snow deflector and can be converted from V mode to clear deep snow to scoop mode to quickly clear intersections and other smaller traffic areas.

New from Seed Master is the 630 Tow-Between Nova that features two 260-bushel tanks and one 100-bushel tank for additional small seed and other products. The 630 features 10 zones of control and the tow-between takes pressure off the drill, making the 630 compatible with any drill. Dual fans isolate air flow to different products and hydraulic lids minimize leaks and contaminates.

Clean Seed Capital Group increased its presence at the 2014 show by introducing its 60 foot Clean Seed CX-6 Smart seeder. The CX-6 includes wireless, in-cab controls, is fully electronic and can handle 6 products at once.

Morris Industries introduces the C2 Contour "Injected Polymer" opener system. The C2 has a 32% increased wear life with tungsten carbide applied to high wear regions of the opener and features reduced opener length for smaller surface area build-up and reduced force requirements for penetration as well as a narrower profile to reduce friction while travelling through the soil.

First-time exhibitor Rousseau Metals presented several innovative products for farm equipment dealers and OEMs to improve efficiency in their service and parts, including the Global Technician Workcenter seen here. Like many of their products, the Global Technician Workcenter is modular and can be configured with a variety of work surfaces including stainless steel and can be configured for a variety of cabinets, storage, lighting and computer cabinets with laptop holders as seen here.

Bill Baker and Agtron Enterprises presented the Legend Wi-Fi Air Drill Rate and Blockage Monitor. The Legend was developed to ensure that up to 240 seed and fertilizer runs are delivering the right rates, high or low and no rates, with no blockages. The Legend interface will work on any iPhone or Android device, and Wi-Fi capability means no wires to the cab and towing the seeder with a monitor harness.