This first-ever 2-day National Strip-Tillage Conference presents you with a unique opportunity to network with strip-tillers and gain helpful insights into their practices and equipment needs. 

The National Strip-Tillage Conference brings together the best strip-tillers, consultants, agronomists and researchers offering growers the opportunity to learn valuable, proven strategies and techniques on the practice of strip-till.

Attendees will participate in special workshops, strip-till classrooms and roundtables, and general session speaker presentations led by industry experts such as…

Strip-Till Specialist
Purdue University

Principal Scienctist
Rhizoterra, Inc.

Soils Specialist
Iowa State University

Precision Expert
Record Harvest

There’s no better time or place for you to be present and talk face-to-face with your current customers or other farmers who are considering new ways to make their operation run more efficiently and profitably.

Find out more about this inaugural event – view the complete conference program here.

To learn more about the National Strip-Tillage Conference, call (866) 839-8455 or (262) 432-0388 or visit To register, click here now.