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Ahead of the Curve: Report Outlines Likely Tire Industry Game Changers

Today’s agricultural tires resemble their predecessors in that they are still round and mainly made of rubber. Maintaining a tread and staying inflated may have been enough for years, but modern tire design parameters accounting for soil compaction, improved traction, tread wear, sidewall strength at super-low inflation rates and, increasingly, environmental concerns have permanently changed the way farm equipment engages the soil.
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Dan Crummett

Ahead of the Curve: Aluminum Stars in New Battery Technology

A year ago we told you of University of Texas research exploring the use of a solid-state sodium-based battery that boasts an energy density of roughly three times that of currently-popular lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries that power most electric vehicles and millions of hand-held smart phones.
British researcher reports progress in improving aluminum/air battery technology that could boost energy density of automotive and heavy equipment EV battery packs.
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