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Ask the Expert: The Dealership of Tomorrow: Who Will be the "New" Equipment Buyer?

This is an exciting time in the farm equipment business. There is a generational paradigm shift happening both with ag equipment dealers and the producers. Retiring producers and those that have gone out of business have left the door open to expansion. Across North America, the demand for technology, specialized product knowledge, and the decreasing number of producers has led to greater dealership consolidation. In order to create economies of scale, both sides will continue to grow. So what does this mean and how will it effect each other’s business? In my opinion, the next 5 years will have such a dramatic change the industry will be unrecognizable.
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Industry Consolidation Part 3

What’s Driving Consolidation Among Farm Equipment Dealers?

Farmer consolidation and growing capital requirements for dealers has contributed to the need for dealerships to expand and grow.
All aspects of the ag industry have been consolidating over the last several years, and it seems to have picked up recently. This is no different for farm equipment dealerships. Some of the consolidation is being led by the major equipment manufacturers, some of it is in response to farm consolidation (see “Farms Shrinking in Number, Growing in Size,” page 12), and still some is due to dealer owners exiting the industry.
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Case IH Dealer Network Series Update

A Look at Case IH Network of Tomorrow

<strong>Part 6</strong>: In the final installment of this <em>Farm Equipment</em> series, Case IH executives share a forward-looking view of their network of tomorrow, and how they can help dealers who wish to consolidate.
In a mature industry like farm machinery, consolidation has become something we need to deal with ... just like death and taxes. It’s very much like Darwinism and survival of the fittest. It’s not popular with some dealers, manufacturers nor farmers, but this business is “adapt or die.”
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Looking Back on Titan’s 10 Years as a Public Company

CEO David Meyer reflects on how business has changed for Titan Machinery since going public and where the industry is headed.
Today, Titan Machinery is North America’s largest farm equipment dealership group. In 2006, the group was selected as Farm Equipment’s Dealership of the Year. At that point, Titan owned and operated 29 dealer locations.
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Special Report: After the Ink Dries

After the Ink Dries: The First 100 Days Post-Acquisition

Dealers and consultants share their lessons learned on best practices for integrating your company culture into a newly acquired store.
One could argue that nearly every dealer in North America will be on one side or the other of an acquisition in the years ahead. This report focuses on the first 100 days of integrating a new store into another dealership group following an acquisition, and what it take to successfully meld one organization’s culture into another with a minimum or no loss of performance.
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