It's a tough decision to let someone go from your company.

But when you get to the point of making that decision, you may be too late. You gave second chances, you tried to get the person to come around, and you stayed positive until that point that pushed you over the edge. Then you said to yourself,  “I should have let the person go months ago.”

Here are some more things to remind yourself — the damage waiting can do in this situation:

They may have harmed the company morale and culture, not to mention they're probably miserable themselves. Why? By the time you let them go, the employees who work directly with them may be beyond aggravated.

You’ll lose great people —your employees may start to think that leadership “doesn’t see it like they do,” which could be true if you don't work closely with the person like their peers do. Their peers will see issues way before you do and may lose trust in your decision-making.

You might think they “hold the keys.” You might have a manager or person who knows more than you about their area of expertise and you think, “If they’re gone, who is going to take over?” You'll be surprised at who is ready to step up. You probably have an amazing person in the company ready to take over, change perceptions, and give an upbeat vibe to the team.

You might think, “Everyone loves them.” Stop being afraid that everyone will leave if they leave. If you feel they shouldn't be a part of the team, chances are, so do a lot of other people. A quick reality check with peers and people who work with them will tell you that in fact everyone doesn’t love them, and people work at your business because they like what they do, not because of the person who just needs to go.

If you’re thinking that you need to rid your company of someone who isn’t a fit, it’s probably too late, so just do it and allow everyone to move on.