Store and retrieve heavy, bulky items vertically - up to 18 feet high - with the Stanley Vidmar STAK System. The adjustable racking system, comprised of removable, adjustable pallets and a captive lifting and handling device is the ultimate in flexible vertical storage.

Reduces storage footprint. The STAK System creates up to a 70% smaller footprint than horizontal beam rack storage, and can fully operate in as little as 250 square feet. 

Saves valuable time. One operator can pick and retrieve a heavy load, up to 4,000 lbs., in as little as two minutes. 

Eliminates wasted storage space. A single operator can control exactly where items fit best with dynamic adjustable pallets. 

Get hazardous materials off the floor. STAK is also available as a HazMat system designed for 55-gallon hazardous material drums.

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About Stanley Vidmar

A division of Stanley Black & Decker, Stanley Vidmar offers storage solutions to all industries, with modular space-saving systems that provide quick, safe access to parts, tools, and supplies. A Stanley Vidmar system can maximize valuable floor space while providing an integrated solution for inventory control. Customers can arrange for a free analysis of their storage needs by calling 800-523-9462. Detailed information on Stanley Vidmar products is available at