Performance and flexibility are key for timely, high-quality application. That’s why the new Case IH Patriot3240 and 3340 sprayers offer more horsepower and new options for spray control.

TWO NEW CASE IH PATRIOT MODELS DELIVER MORE POWER & NEW OPTIONS“Our Case IH design engineers always match machine size to the engine and horsepower to ensure optimum in-field performance,” says Mark Burns, Case IH Application Equipment Marketing Manager. “In addition, we’ve worked hard to put the best technologies available to work to enable timely, consistent coverage – at the right rate and droplet size – while also reducing overlaps, skips and drift.”

Improved Spray Control

One new option in particular gives operators improved spray accuracy across the field.

“With the new AIM Command PRO spray system, operators have the advantage of individual nozzle control,” says Burns. “This advanced spray technology builds on the features found on the AIM Command spray system, such as constant rate and pressure over a wide range of speeds. At the same time, the system provides the capability of turning on and off nozzles one at a time, rather than entire boom sections, which minimizes skips, overspray and overlaps, preventing over-application and the resulting crop damage.”

These exclusive spray technologies help operators better manage drift, control droplet size and ensure consistent coverage by controlling boom pressure independent of chassis speed.

The system also automatically compensates for turns, ensuring the accurate target rate is applied even while the inside corner of the boom is travelling at a much slower rate than the outside corner. AIM Command PRO accounts for how the boom travels and applies product at equal rates, regardless of speed.

Increased Horsepower Performance

The new Patriot 3240 and 3340 boast 6.7-L Case IH FPT Tier 4 B/Final-compliant engines with 250 hp and 285 hp, respectively. All Case IH high-horsepower engines use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)-only emissions control technology without the complexity of an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve or Diesel Particulate Filter.

“More horsepower gives operators more power to handle tough conditions,” says Burns. “Both owners and operators will also appreciate the extended maintenance intervals and enhanced fuel economy that are synonymous with the Case IH Efficient Power family.”

By exclusively using SCR emissions technology, Case IH FPT engines are kept simple and add fuel efficiency. They are proven, with more than 30,000 Case IH SCR-only engines at work across North America.

“Case IH is the only equipment manufacturer dedicated to using SCR-only emissions technology across all of our high-horsepower equipment,” says Burns.

Agronomic Design

Case IH Agronomic Design is at work across the full line of Patriot sprayers, helping make the most of sometimes challenging environments where crops grow. The cab-forward, rear-engine configuration provides balanced weight distribution and reduces compaction and rutting, allowing operators field access earlier than conventional designs.

Best-in-class trailing-link suspension and a large, comfortable Surveyor cab make long days in the field feel effortless.

“The new Patriot 3240 and 3340 models are the high-quality, efficient and comfortable sprayer operators expect from Case IH,” says Burns. “They build on the strengths of the Patriot family, just like our industry-leading Class 2 Patriot 2240 and Class 4 Patriot 4430.”