Effective immediately, Trent Hummel has been named the account manager for Jerkins Creative Consulting (JCC) — North American Peer Group program.

Trent Hummel

Trent joined the JCC team in February of 2011 as a general account manager but has now been given additional responsibilities of overseeing the development of the peer group program. The North American Peer Group (NPG) is a program that gives dealership owners and principles opportunities to work with each other to grow the strength of their operation.

The premise is that some of the best ideas for growth and improvements come from those who are managing like organizations. The JCC peer groups meet three times per year, set goals, and hold each other accountable for improvements in their individual organizations.

Hummel will be a dedicated resource to peer group members. His new expanded role will be to service members by providing leadership in building progressive agendas and group communications. He and JCC Office Manager Jan Williams will coordinate agendas, event planning as well as working with the various committees of each of the NPGs. He will also work on recruiting new members, expanding the number of groups and other various dealer needs.

Prior to joining the team, Trent owned and operated a dealership in Alberta, Canada that was in the top three in Canada for market share and in the top 10% in North American for profitability. His many years of dealership experience gives him an edge in understanding the needs of operating a successful dealership.

He is a 4th generation equipment dealer and native of Red Deer, Alberta. He was raised in the dealership environment and assumed many roles during his tenure. He worked sales territories, managed marketing initiatives and conducted sales training while being groomed for eventual role as owner of his own dealership.

His experience over time resulted in developing systems that provided results in exceeding industry goals and benchmarks. Trent comes with lots of drive and passion and continues to serve the industry that has served him so well.

JCC provides training, consulting and peer group services to equipment dealerships throughout North America.