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Larry Combest, former Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee and House Select Committee on Intelligence was the special guest and keynote speaker at FEMA's Spring Management Clinic.


Combest grew up on a farm and ranch in west Texas and was elected ten times to the U.S. House of Representatives from the State of Texas.

As Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, Combest applied his farming background to his job and took a proactive approach to shaping sound federal farm policies.

Combest's common sense legislative record began on his first day in Congress, cosponsoring the Balanced Budget Amendment. Recognized for fiscally-responsible voting, Combest believes families should expect to keep more of what they earn and deserve effective management of their government.

Through his experience as a former small business owner, Combest was a strong voice for the job-making contributions that small businesses make to families and communities across America.

As a senior member of the House Small Business Committee, Combest's central focus was on regulatory reform. The National Federation of Independent Business recognized Larry Combest as a Guardian of Small Business and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce consistently honored him with their prestigious "Spirit of Enterprise" award.

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