Bob Scott, Scott Supply Co.

2007 Dealership of the Year Winner

My brother John and I are the third generation in a four-generation farm equipment dealership — my son Chris started in 1994. I have been in this business for over 45 years. I began working at the dealership in high school. All my life, I have worked hard, long hours to build our dealership into what it is today.

I attribute much of my success to my heritage. My father, Wally, taught me most of what I know. He is very conservative, and his conservatism rubbed off on me. I learned to buy only what I could pay for: You can’t afford to pay interest. I also learned a successful dealer must control used equipment and accounts receivable. I monitor these two items closely.

Our company motto, “Where Service Means More Than the Sale Itself,” guides me every day. I learned to always fulfill promises even if it hurts our pocketbook. These simple but important lessons have guided Scott Supply since 1915 (94 years). The longevity of our company has allowed us to build relationships with many farm families through several generations.

As the dealer-principal, I am involved in every facet of the business. I have had many opportunities to add other locations but chose to operate a high-volume, single-store location, rather than become a multi-store operation. As a single-store dealer, I believe we have more personal relationships with our customers and can offer them the service they deserve and expect. Not all “mega dealers” can offer the personal touch and service that we can.