The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) announces the completion of a new standard, ASABE S506, Terminology and Definitions for Planters, Drills and Seeders.

The new standard provides uniform terminology and definitions for machines and machine components used for the establishment of field crops.  It is consistent with terminology in other ASABE standards, including ASAE 414.1, Terminology and Definitions for Agricultural Tillage Implements; ASAE EP291, Terminology and Definitions for Soil Tillage and Soil-Tool Relationships; and ASAE S477, Terminology for Soil-Engaging Components for Conservation-Tillage Planters, Drills and Seeders.

A copy of the document can be ordered by contacting ASABE headquarters directly at: ASABE members and those with site-license privileges to the ASABE online Technical Library, can view an electronic copy of the standard in about 6 weeks.

ASABE is recognized worldwide as a standards developing organization for food, agricultural, and biological systems, with more than 225 standards currently in publication. Conformance to ASABE standards is voluntary, except where required by state, provincial, or other governmental requirements, and the documents are developed by consensus in accordance with procedures approved by the American National Standards Institute.