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CrustBuster/Speed King All Plant No-Till Conservation Drill

The CrustBuster/Speed King All Plant No-Till Conservation Drill plants up to three different conservation grass seeds together in one pass. Three different seed boxes plant three different variety seeds together. Its seed boxes are designed and proportioned for different seed volumes and rates. The drill also has the ability to plant from only one seed box without operating the other two. The largest seed box at the front can be used as a primary grain reservoir for seeding crops or it can be used together with the other two seed boxes containing legume seed and/or fluffy grass seed for conservation work. Available in 10-, 13-, 15-, 20- and 25-foot widths.

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Truax “On The Go” Grain Drill

The Truax “On The Go” series grain and grass drill is different. It saves you time in the field and keeps you out of the maintenance shop. You can go from tilled conditions to no-till with the flick of a hydraulic lever. Wrenches are no longer needed to change from one mode to the other. Double-row bearings on planter discs provide longer bearing life and reduced maintenance. An easy-access calibration nut lets you quickly determine your seeding rate, saving calibration time and reducing seed costs. Check out additional advantages of the “On The Go” drills and review our full lineup of seeding equipment.

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12-Foot End Wheel No-Till Drill from Great Plains

End wheel grain drills provide an economical seeding solution to today’s farming operation and the newly designed 1206NT Grain Drill from Great Plains is no exception! The end wheel design makes the 1206NT extremely maneuverable and reliable, and its full 12-foot working width, in conjunction with the precise depth control of the Great Plains no-till seed placement system, provide both productivity and accuracy. The 1206NT has been upgraded with 06 Series Openers, as well as an optional native grass seed box, making it even more versatile. Now producers can seed up to three different seeds at different rates — all at the same time.

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Tornado Planter from Tobin No Till — Australia

Ground cover is desirable in no-till systems and can be achieved using cover crops and/or retaining stubble. Getting through ground cover can be a nightmare for some planters. The Tornado disc planter uses 24-inch discs with clearance to handle heavy trash. The Tornado incorporates a patented depth adjustment system that allows the operator to adjust planting depth on-the- go from the cab and a parallelogram with 8-inch-long pins for lateral stability. No-tillers know what they want from a planter and it’s time manufacturers caught up with farmers. Dealer/distributor required.

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