Several farm equipment shows host awards programs that help highlight some of the new, innovative products that can be found on the floor.

Following are the top winners at the recently concluded EIMA International show in Bologna, Italy, as well as upcoming events: World Ag Expo in Tulare, California, and SIMA, in Paris, France.

Eima 2010 New Technologies Competition

Agriculture is constantly aimed at progress. For this reason, Eima International has always has been careful to enhance the value of the finest energies in agriculture and is again this year staging the Eima New Technologies Competition. The competition is open to all companies that have built innovative machinery, accessories or components capable of improving the jobs of farmers.

This year's winners were:

Agricolmeccanica Srl
Sprayer that recovers liquid

This chemical device can recover unused spray, filtering it and returning it to the main tank for re-use. The machine straddles rows of 1.60-3.30 meters in height with a self-centering system to keep the spray recovery screens in the center of the row. The quantity of the spray’s active ingredients is reduced by a third.

Arag Srl
Electro-valve operates spray bar nozzles independently

The valve, which controls the opening and closing of individual nozzles on a spray bar, is operated by an electric motor working directly on the anti-drip fitting. An integrated electronic system using CAN bus communications controls each valve independently. A single four-pole cable fixed along the bar powers the motor and transmits the control signals.

ARGO Tractors SpA and C.O.B.O. SpA
Landini SAFE (Safety Assistance Full Effective)

This real-time dynamic control system monitors a tractor’s stability through parameters relevant to the risk of turning over, automatically warning the driver if the stability limit is approached. Different warning signals are triggered by different sources of risk, for example, too tight a steering lock, insufficient ballast on the front axle, and other situations.

Arrizza Giuseppe
Tool lifter

A tool for working land cultivated in rows so the operations can be performed on the rows as well as the inter-row areas, or only the latter. The central tool lift can be controlled independently of the lateral lifts.

Carrarro SpA, Divisione Agritalia
Tractor Safety Pack

The system integrates tractor safety devices, including a roll-over frame which can be lowered from the driving seat, warnings on the risks of overturning, a semi-rigid addition to the safety belt which prevents the tractor being used unless it has been clipped into place, and emergency stops located at various points on the tractor to halt the engine and PTO, whether hydraulic or mechanical. The system can also be adapted for tractors already in use.

CNH Italia SpA
Intellifill, on CNH’s FR9000 Series

An automatic load sensing and loading management system that increases productivity, allows the operator to turn his attention to other tasks and reduces product losses, while optimizing trailer filling.New Holland Braud 9000 grape harvester.

CNH Italia SpA
New Holland Braud 9000 grape harvester

This grape harvester features various electronic innovations to increase productivity, reduce environmental impact and ensure the driver’s safety. Thanks to pre-prepared maps, the machine can take into account two grape quality levels in the same plot of vineyard, automatically keeping the two types separate. There is also automatic recognition of overturning risk, allowing all or none of the operations to continue according to the level of risk.

Comer Industries SpA, Feraboli Ing.A.  and Officine Meccaniche SpA
Active Jump Control (AJC) mechatronics for control of mowing and other harvesters

This dynamic control system uses springs, shock absorbers, accelerometers and a control unit to vary the damping coefficient of shock absorbers as a function of acceleration and the tool’s vertical shift velocity. A machine fitted with the device follows the profile of the ground maintaining full contact and without oscillation.

Facma Srl
TriFrut, a multifunctional tractorTriFrut tractor

This three-wheeled tractor with hydraulic transmission is designed for orchards and hilly country. It has a low profile so that it is used with a fixed frame even when working under trees. There is also a low center of gravity and a brake that is activated automatically as soon as movement commands cease.

Ferri Srl
Reach Balance System (RBS) for stability control of brush cutter arm and tractor

The device is designed to ensure brush cutting safety by giving the operator warnings of when the machine is in danger of turning over. The system acquires data on the configuration of the cutter arm and the inclination of the tractor, and is available in active and passive versions. The data is fed into an electronic control center, which works out the situation in terms of the machine’s characteristics. Visual and acoustic warnings are given.

Topcon - Geotop Srl
Electric Steering Wheel

This automatic steering wheel for precision agriculture is designed to replace the normal one without changing the cab’s ergonomics. Replacing the old steering wheel can be done quickly and can be performed on various machines on the same farm. The device works via satellite, a control unit, and an electric motor integrated into the steering wheel to turn automatically. The same control unit is used to map the field electronically.

Nobili SpA
Oktopus Doble Double-Distribution Towed Sprayer

The sprayer has two distinct spraying circuits that can spray two products simultaneously on different areas of vegetation. This makes it possible to spray each product in an optimal concentration so as to carry out plant treatments correctly. Often, with traditional sprayers, the operator reduces the number of passes and sprays mixtures of chemicals randomly for economic reasons. This new machine exploits the attractions of a single pass with closer targeting of the vegetation with an optimal concentration of the products to be sprayed.

ORSI Group Srl
Self-propelled, self-leveling machine for harvesting and orchard maintenanceOrsi

This platform for fruit harvesting has can be operated from a wireless console. The machine has independent wheels with ample gauge extension and is powered by an engine with a hydraulic circuit. The platform is kept level thanks to position and pressure sensors.

SAME Deutz-Fahr Italia spA 
Vineyard Defoliator

The combination of tractor, vine leaf trimmer and control software is brings precision to the removal of vine leaves. The tractor and defoliator communicate through ISO bus which makes the system more flexible and open to additions. The tractor has a GPS antenna to identify its position in the vineyard. By using vine health maps created through remote sensing, this enables the combined tool to differentiate the required intensity of leaf removal according to the area being treated, as required by precision agriculture.

World Ag Expo Unveils 2011 Top-10 New Products

Results are in for the 2011 Top-10 New Products competition, the winners of which will be showcased Feb. 8-10 during the 44th annual World Ag Expo in Tulare, California.

“The 2011 Top-10 New Products are of a class to themselves,” says 2011 Chairman Lee Coito. “These products are well designed and engineered to meet the needs of today’s agribusiness professional.”

A panel comprising farmers, ranchers and industry professionals from across the nation selected the products from more than 90 entries.

In addition to the Top-10 New Products, ten Honorable Mentions have been selected. Information on all 20 products can be found at

Salmon River Innovations, LLC
Air Filter Blaster

A device that cleans the element of an engine’s canister air filter in seconds, helping cut fuel and maintenance costs while improving engine performance and increasing engine life.

Flag-R-Mon Flag Products/Ag Flag
Ag Flag

A new water-activated flag saves money, water and effort bAmsoily eliminating the guesswork in determining when flood irrigation water has advanced to a pre-determined point in a block, check, ditch furrow, row or open field.

American Synthetic Lubricants, Inc.
Amsoil biodegradable hydraulic oil

A new biodegradable hydraulic oil from Amsoil that combines low-toxicity with high lubricity properties offers farmers and ranchers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional petroleum-based products.

Trimble Agriculture
Trimble Connected Farm

Connected Farm, a new system of software and communication services from Trimble takes farm management efficiency to the next level by combining precision farming information collected in the field with data management software and cell phone technology.

Hydromer, Inc.
T-HEXX Dragonhyde HBC

A hoof care product for use in hoof baths offers a nonhazardous, biodegradable alternative to traditional copper sulfate or formaldehyde products. When mixed with water, T-HEXX Dragonhyde hoof bath concentrate creates a long-lasting, highly visible environmental barrier that helps to promote normal hoof health for dairy cows.

Ezy-Lift of California, Inc.
Ezy-Lift hydraulic lift system

In less than 90 seconds, with the push of a button, one person can load up to 2,000 lb. of cargo in the back of a pickup or flatbed truck, using the model 2000-8.0PT Ezy-Lift.

Udder Tech, Inc.
Jacket with thumb hole sleeve

A jacket made of waterproof nylon puts an end to wet, irritated wrists and arms when milking cows

Core Fluids, LLC
NOx Blue diesel exhaust fluid

NOxBlue brand of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), made by Core-Fluids, LLC, exceeds the purity and quality standards established by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Fritsch Equipment Corp.
Push Away Grapplepush away grapple

Designed for feeding bagged silage, the Push Away grapple saves time and minimizes ground disturbance when removing feed from the bag. The patent-pending tool has the power to penetrate tightly packed haylage and grasses to completely fill the bucket of a skid-steer or other type of front-end loader in less than 10 seconds.

Yuma rugged tablet computertrimble yuma

Built to meet tough military standards for withstanding drops, vibration, immersion and temperature extremes, the new Trimble Yuma rugged tablet computer weighs less than 3 lb. and is designed to work where farmers and ranchers work.

SIMA Innovation Awards

For nearly 60 years, the SIMA Innovation Awards have recognized the most innovative equipment, products, techniques and services showcased by exhibitors at the show. The bi-annual event will be held Feb. 20-24, 2011 in Paris, France.

Click here for more information about SIMA.

Gold Medals:

Case IH
System for automatically synchronizing two vehicles

The V2V ("Vehicle to Vehicle" system for remotely controlling two vehicles) makes it possible to synchronize two working vehicles with a single driver. The driver of a combine can also control the movement of the tractor in order to empty the hopper, using a Wi-Fi or ZigBee connection to link the two vehicles.

Electric sprinkler for pivots and ramps

This pivot sprinkler includes a rotary feature which is controlled by a small electric motor. The innovation lies in the rotational function given by the water's force. The aim is to provide optimal water distribution at the far ends of the pivots and ramps by reducing the instantaneous application rate as much as possible, eliminating the risk of damage.

John Deere
ISO bus communications system for automating harvesting operations

The “ISO bus Baler Automation” is a system that enables data to be exchanged in both directions between tractors and round balers. The baler can automatically trigger various repetitive actions at the desired time, such as immobilizing the tractor, binding the bale and then ejecting it. Used in conjunction with the "Fast Release System" which features on the new John Deere 960 and 990 balers, it reduces the amount of time it takes to eject the bales and increases their density.

Silver Medals:

System for managing manure spreading operationsEpandix

The Epandix system manages the machine as accurately as possible and is a simplified tracking solution.  It serves as a link between the machine and the operation management PC. The system is designed to improve the quality and regularity of spreading operations. It can control output according to speed for flat conveyor spreaders, combining closed-loop regulation on the belt based on speed, taking into account the height of the spreader's door opening.

Suspension tracksClaas tracks

Improvements in the load-bearing capacity of the tracked Claas machines reduce ground compaction. In addition to greater comfort on the road and in fields, users have noted high levels of stability of the cutter bars in terms of how they follow the ground and how regular the height of the cut is.

Case IH
Continuously variable transmission, power take-off

Continuously variable transmission power take-off systems will be used on Case IH Efficient Power tractors. This technology involves providing users with an infinite number of PTO speeds (as opposed to the four that are currently available), which can be changed during use without disengaging the system.

Electronic system for running and managing tools for working the soil

The settings of the seedbed preparation tool, the depth at which the teeth work, the leveling blade and tube, the rear support for the small diameter rollers, are controlled via an electronic box in the cabin and an automatic system for positioning the tool parallel to the ground. Angular sensors compare the front and rear levels of the component in use.

Multisite on-board computerISAGRI

This on-board computer is set up in a tractor or installed in a milking parlor to enable farmers to manage their activity.  The Isa360 integrates a plot management and steering solution which can control ISO bus-compatible equipment and retrieve and interpret a data, as well as providing access to the Internet (for market data, the weather forecast, etc.).

Kverneland Group France
Dual-screen ISO bus console

The IsoMatch Tellus ISO bus console has been designed to meet farmers' needs in terms of ease of use and multifunctionality. This terminal has a dual-screen color display that can take the specific ergonomic requirements of users into account for running two ISO bus machines simultaneously, one at the front, and one at the rear.  It also offers Internet connectivity via a Bluetooth connection.

New Holland
System for labeling bales, on a high-density balerNew Holland

During baling, the Crop ID system identifies each bale using a radio-frequency label. The label is attached to the tie on one of the bale’s strings. Information is loaded into the label using a radio-frequency transmitter. This information (mass, humidity, location, preserving agent used, etc.) is stored in the data management processor while the bale is being created and is then loaded electronically into the label.

Sulky Burel
System for spreading fertilizer and optimizing spreading width by sections

The automated Econov system optimizes the working width by sections when supplying large fertilizer granules.  The fertilizer distributor can use its on-board electronics to communicate with other devices in use on the tractor, connected to a GPS positioning.

Sequential spray bar management using electronic imagery of self-propagating plants

Tecnoma, in partnership with the Dijon AGRO SUP center, has developed a system which uses an onboard camera sensor to control spray bars. This camera is mounted on the front of the tractor or self-propelled machine and digitizes images of the crops and areas where weeds are present. These images are then analyzed in order to locate the weeds, which show up as spots. This information is used to control sections of the spray bar for applying herbicide to the crops already growing, or on the bare earth, depending on which areas are infested with self-propagating plants.