As farm operations grow larger, fuel costs, equipment maintenance expenses and the time it takes to move equipment between an operation’s widely spread locations becomes more challenging.

Premier Power, LLC of Alden, Iowa has designed a new, mobile PTO power source for farm operations needing the flexibility of an efficient PTO power source in multiple locations.

“The Bull” features a compact, four-wheel, trailered power unit with a Tier III engine engineered to operate PTO-powered equipment at a lower engine RPM, providing tractor-free PTO power at significantly lower fuel costs.

The unit can easily be pulled behind a pickup or SUV, eliminating the need to operate equipment using tractors, which are more difficult to move quickly between one location and another. The Bull also offers better mobility and reduced wear on more expensive tractors.

“The Bull is ideal for powering equipment like manure pumps, generators and grain vacs where you may need to operate them for hours at a time,” said Justin Jordahl, President of Premier Power.

“In our testing, we’ve found that it can save up to three gallons of fuel per hour compared to a tractor. Running ‘The Bull’ would save you a substantial amount of money in fuel costs alone.”

The Bull is available in two different models — the P150, which features dual output PTO (540 or 1000 RPM), two hydraulic quick coupler remotes and a 195 gallon tank; and the PX150, which also includes a Cat I and Cat II adjustable three point hitch, hydraulic leveling outriggers for stability in uneven terrain, a tool storage compartment and a 175-gallon tank.

For more information, send an e-mail to Premier Power's Justin Jordahl at