Charter Software has announced the release of its CODIS-Access Interface for their Windows-based DealerWin business management system. The CODIS-Access Interface allows dealers who work with distributors using the CODIS-Access system to submit parts orders to their distributor directly from the DealerWin orders screen without leaving the system.

The adoption of the CODIS-Access system by distributors is increasing due to the ease it brings to their dealers ordering process. “Because of the CODIS-Access system’s growing popularity among distributors, we felt it was important to include this integration in our business management system,” says Anne Salemo, president of Charter Software.

“We have a large number of customers who do business with distributors using the CODIS system, and the numbers are expected to grow. Our integration with CODIS-Access will minimize redundant data entry and speed up the ordering process for these dealers so they can keep their customers as their focal point,” she says.

Matthew Finn, Executive Vice President of Central Power Systems, a distributor using the CODIS system, says many more dealers are anticipated to sign up to be connected to Central Power Systems through CODIS-Access. “We anticipate a mass of additional dealers connecting to us in the coming months.”

Gardner Inc. CFO Ted Finn, also a distributor using the CODIS system, is positive about the dealer response to Gardner’s adoption of the CODIS system. He says, “The CODIS-Access infrastructure will provide a higher level of service to our dealers, decrease supply chain processing costs, and facilitate a significant return on investment for all involved. It’s a win-win situation.”

Distributors who use the CODIS ordering system comprise nearly 85% of OPE distributors in the U.S. Others include AES Lawn Parts, Atlantic Power Inc., Central Power Systems, Dixie Sales Co., Engine Warehouse Inc., Engines Southwest, Gardner, Magneto Power, Medart Engine/Marine, MWE, PES, Power Source Canada, Preferred Power, RBI and SEDCO.