AGCO Corp. products and technology recently garnered five AE50 Awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) and were selected for their engineering innovation.

The winning products include the ISOBUS compatible Challenger C Series track and articulated tractors, the company's new series of high horsepower rowcrop tractors, Massey Ferguson 1600 Series compact tractors, the DynaFlex flexible cutterbar draper header and the AGCOMMAND telemetry system.

"These new products reflect AGCO Corporation's tremendous, ongoing investment in engineering design and technology at our research and development facilities around the world," says Doug Griffin, vice president of marketing. "They are at the leading edge of many more customer-driven innovations AGCO is creating with the sole purpose of bringing to market products that help our agriculture customers improve their efficiency, productivity and profitability."

The AE50 award program is sponsored by Resource, the membership publication of the ASABE, to emphasize the role of new products and systems in bringing advanced technology to the marketplace.

Challenger C Series first with ISOBUS convenience

AGCO's winning Challenger C Series track and articulated tractors are the first of their kind to combine robust ISOBUS 11783 compatibility with industry-leading power and performance as a standard feature. This new technology is included on the Challenger MT700C, MT800C & MT900C Series tractors and allows the controls for implements, such as planters, sprayers or guidance systems, to seamlessly integrate into the tractor systems. A common console in the cab eliminates the need for multiple controllers and cluttered operator environments and reduces time to switch between implements.

High horsepower row-crop tractors stack many innovations

The high horsepower tractors from AGCO introduced in February 2009 extend the company's product range into a new power sector-up to 275 PTO horsepower and 350 maximum ISO engine horsepower. The AGCO DT Series Generation B tractors, Challenger MT600C Series and Massey Ferguson 8600 Series tractors are the first in the world to feature e3 Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) clean air technology. Their state-of-the-art Dynamic Tractor Management System coupled with the AGCO continuously variable transmission (CVT) provides simple and efficient operation, allowing the tractor to automatically adjust to loads, while being as fuel efficient as possible.

The redesigned cab is the largest cab in the industry with 116.5 ft³, along with exclusive OptiRide cab suspension, and a new seat-mounted control console. Every detail in the working environment is designed to give more comfort, convenience and control to the operator.

MF 1600 Series compact tractors almost luxurious

The Massey Ferguson 1600 Series compact tractors offer six models and 22 configurations with the power, performance and comfort to meet exacting yet highly varied operator needs. They offer all-steel and cast iron construction for durability plus high-capacity performance with 35 to 60 engine HP and the choice of four easy-to-operate transmissions including the 8x8 SynchroShuttle, the 12x12 PowerShuttle, 12x12 DynaQPS and a three-range hydrostatic transmission. Advanced operator comforts include customer-inspired ergonomics and control placement plus many other features that make this compact tractor almost luxurious.

DynaFlex flex draper header improves harvest efficiency

The AGCO DynaFlex flexible draper header is the result of more than three years of research and development and was created specifically for Gleaner, Massey Ferguson and Challenger model combines from 2003 and newer.

It combines simple, practical engineering with advanced technologies to improve harvesting of soybeans, cereal crops, milo, and canola. The header features a 41-inch-wide draper conveying system which allows the crop heads to face the same direction, improving crop flow, feeding and threshing.

DynaFlex is the first flexible cutterbar draper header to use independent dampened tilt arms, linked with hydraulic cylinders to an accumulator system, to provide 8 inches of cutterbar flexibility. Its exclusive flexible cutterbar design provides precise cutting of the crop without scalping or gouging the soil. The automatic header height control relays ground contours to the combine for a close even cut, even from the widest 40-foot header. Growers also appreciate the header's fast and simple combine mounting system which bypasses the complexity of hydraulic pumps, motors and hoses common with competitive draper platforms.

A patented, balanced and timed dual sickle drive incorporating an exclusive dual shaft drive provides as much as 400 percent more torque over belt or hydraulic drives for 25+ percent greater harvesting performance over flexible cutterbar auger headers of the same size.

AGCOMMAND telemetry system tracks and monitors

Many progressive farmers are looking for technology solutions to help monitor and control operating costs and reduce the burden of generating and maintaining farm equipment records. The AGCOMMAND telemetry system provides customers with a low-cost, easy-to-use data recording and management solution which can be installed on all machinery.

The AGCOMMAND system is a plug and play device that configures itself to the individual machine and automatically determines real-time machine status information which is used for many precision farming efficiency reports.

The AGCOMMAND technology will allow a farmer using an internet-capable cell phone or sitting at his office computer to know where a tractor is, what tasks it is doing and how close to being finished it is, how often it is idling, how often it is working, how often implements are on the ground and how often they are in transport mode, how often it is roading, and when it will need service next, among other things. For instance, sensors can alert the farm office when a sprayer tank is nearly empty so a manager can send a nurse truck to the field with a refill. This component is available on Challenger, Massey Ferguson, AGCO, Valtra and Gleaner branded products.