Worthington Ag Parts is excited to announce that it is now the exclusive North American distributor of Capello Corn Heads. Capello has been manufacturing corn heads for 50 years. As a European leader with worldwide distribution, Capello supports farm customers ranging from small farmers to OE companies.

Capello corn heads come in a variety of row widths and configurations. Standard on the new corn heads is the “Stalk Chopper Cutting”, but they can be ordered without, if desired. The precision corn heads are equipped with an independent clutch for each row and engagement or disengagement is as easy as turning a single lever.

HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY — The hoods are man-made polymer material allowing corn to flow easier. Husks and stalks glide without sticking, even in bad weather.

MINIMUM LOSS OF COBS — The new hood fitting absorbs the cob impact and limit cob bounce drastically reducing material loss and husking.

ROBUST BUT LIGHT — The weight of the polyethylene Hoods is one third that of the metal version and provides for a decidedly higher elasticity and strength.

DIFFERENT WORKING ANGLES — An exclusive adjusting system allows you to set the hoods in as many as 6 different working positions.

MAXIMUM DURABILITY/MINIMUM MAINTENANCE — No corrosion or discoloration problems. A light casing with easy access makes regular maintenance operations easier.

For information please call 1-800-637-4810.