JAY•LOR of Orton, Ontario was named winner at the prestigious Ag Innovations 2009 Awards for its Alexander Knife (patent pending).

JAY•LOR, selected from a number of nominees from across Canada, was one of six winners Wednesday night - November 11th, at the Agri-Trade Show and Sale at Westerner Park, Red Deer Alberta.

Testing of this new technology has proven that:

  • the angled knife on vertical mixers decreases hay processing time by 30-40%.
  • an auger with an Alexander Knife allows for the processing of approximately 33% more hay in the same amount of time as an auger with no angled knife.
  • when two angled knives were placed on the auger, hay processing capacity increases even more and shortens processing time.
  • angled knives help reduce or eliminate the problem of the hay bale core not processing.
  • the angled knives cut mixing time of complete Total Mix Ration (TMR) using hay by an average of 20-25% with no increase in horsepower required.
  • it was also observed that the new knives help unloading of TMR from the machine as the knives work like a kicker to push feed out the door at more frequent intervals, discharge of feed is smoother and more consistent.

 The angled knives were tested on farms utilizing different TMR ration, resulting in the same or similar results.

 “The JAY•LOR team is extremely proud to be the recipient of the 2009 award for Ag Innovations”, said Jake Tamminga, President.  “We are pleased to be recognized for our continued Research and Development of the Vertical TMR Mixer.  We would like to congratulate all of the 2009 finalists and winners and thank Agri-Trade AG Innovations and the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce.”