U.S. distributor Jones Equipment Company of Massey, Md. exhibited the RMH self-propelled, self-loading mixer feeder at the World Dairy Expo in Madison Wis.

The machine is designed to simplify the feeding process while making it much more efficient and cost effective. It consolidates 2-4 pieces of equipment — such as a tractor, trailer-mounted mixer, loader and de-facer — into one integrated feeding system. This, “synergy” reduces dry matter loss, reduces shrinkage and load error, reduces fuel consumption and labor, all with increased operator safety, says David Lenett, vice president of sales and marketing for Jones Equipment.

RMH makes the mixers in 390- to 1,060-cubic-foot sizes, including the 710 cubic foot VS20F on display in Madison. The VS20, and its companion VS18 and VS22 models, offer large-volume capacity from a single-auger tub. The high-speed cutter speeds down the silage clamp, effectively removing material while leaving behind a tight, densely packed face that makes it extremely resistant to oxidative spoilage, or the formation of molds and mycotoxins.

Lenett also dispels a common misconception about the machine. “The RMH handles everything you feed your cows, including square and round bales and all the fine particle feeds you keep in flat storage/commodity bins.”

There are choices in unloading, including door positions and conveyor systems, and the rear-mounted engine allows easy access for service.

The RMH machines have been used for more than 25 years in Europe but are relatively unknown in the U.S., Lenett says. “We believe, with the staggering costs of feed and rising fuel and labor costs associated with feeding herds, that there’s going to be an emerging market for an ultra-efficient platform like the RMH.”

Lenett says Jones Equipment Co. is trying to build a dealer network and increase distribution of the self-propelled mixers in the U.S. For more information, contact Lenett at dlenett@jonesdairy.com.