Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Growers of all tillage practices looking to get through tough residue

Key Selling Point: Narrower teeth move less dirt, integrated floater wheel reduces soil buildup

Click here to watch a video breakdown of the SharkTooth Finger.

The newly released Yetter Equipment SharkTooth Finger Wheel builds on Yetter’s success with the original SharkTooth Wheel with narrower teeth designed to move less soil. The SharkTooth Finger Wheel will be available for spring 2023.

Regional sales manager at Yetter Equipment Andy Thompson says most people know Yetter for the original SharkTooth Wheel it released back in the early 2000s, which fixed plugging problems no-tillers were having in tough conditions.

The new SharkTooth Finger is also paired with a unique floater wheel, with an integrated design that keeps the grooves of the floater wheel and the SharkTooth Finger lined up to minimize soil buildup.

Thompson says the industry’s perception of row cleaners has changed, and the company now sees application for these products beyond no-till.

“We used to think row cleaners as more for no-till, but then we started to see the benefits even in conventional tillage,” he says. “It can move the residue but also rocks and clods. That’s really what brought us to this evolution, using row cleaners in new ways. Virtually every planter can benefit from the use of row cleaners, so we’re trying to make the SharkTooth Finger Wheel a bit of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product.”