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The Incite®️-i 5200 from McFarlane Ag


Introducing the Incite®️-i 5200 with an independent blade configuration. Designed for growers with sticky or rocky conditions, the new Incite-i 5200 combines the benefits of vertical and high-speed tillage tools into a unique universal tool that lets you do more in fewer passes. This new tillage tool is loaded with unique soil-engaging components, including:

  • Three reverse crimped disk blade configurations: Cobra RC serrated, Incizor®️ wavy, or a combination of both.
  • Independently mounted disks, hydraulically adjustable from 3°-12° that can be angled differently in the front and rear
  • Hydraulically adjustable Dura-Reel®️ chopping reel
  • Five finishing configurations, including our new hydraulically adjustable staggered rolling baskets

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McFarlane Incite

Great Plains Introduces New VT1500 Sub-Soiler


The new Great Plains VT1500 Sub-Soiler shatters yield-robbing compaction layers, reaching deep to reset the soil profile. Built for durability, this vertical tillage machine features 20" heavy-duty utility coulters that cut residue in front of the shanks. Shank mount options include an
economical shear-bolt mount or two styles of auto-reset shanks: the standard 3,000-lb. trip shank or the new, high-protection trip pack shank designed to withstand even the rockiest terrain. All points and shins are now manufactured from a hard-wearing chrome alloy. Choose shanks,
points, and spacings to tailor the VT1500 to fit any no-till or min-till soil management strategy.


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The New Great Plains VT1500 Sub-Soiler

Landoll Adjustable Gang VT

Reduce the number of tillage tools in your operation with the Landoll Adjustable Gang VT. In the Fall, increase the gang angle for aggressive primary tillage operations thatbury maximum residue. In the Spring, flatten the angle to minimize disturbance and run high speed preparing the perfect seedbed.
The Landoll Adjustable Gang VT is the versatile tillage tool that will deliver all year long. And when you purchase a product from Landoll, you know it is built with the rugged dependability that will improve your efficiency while preparing the ideal high yield environment.


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Landoll Adjustable Gang VT

The Independent Series from Salford Group Inc.


Salford’s patented Independent Series (I-Series) tools help reduce operating costs compared to conventional tillage. The I-Series improve the productivity of your soil through better management of residue, moisture, and soil density.

The innovative Coil-Tech Coulter is spring-loaded. Running the coulters across the ground at 8+ mph creates vibrations that drive cracks into the hardpan, promoting deeper infiltration of surface moisture.

Six unique I-Series models with varying intensity give growers a range of residue management options. Combine Salford’s SwitchBlade shanks for more vertical tillage action or sub-surface fertilizer application in the same pass.


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The I-Series from Salford Group Inc

The HALO VRT from Salford Group Inc.


The HALO is Salford’s next generation of tillage implements combining agronomic performance with new equipment technology for fast operation, ease of use, lower maintenance, and safer transport.

HALO VRT takes this revolutionary new tillage platform to the next level with hydraulically adjustable blades. This new machine allows producers to choose their tillage intensity on the fly from 2 degrees blade angle to 15 degrees. Whether adjustments are needed in the field, from field to field, or from season to season HALO VRT performs the work of multiple tillage machines on one simple-to-operate platform.


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The HALO VRT from Salford Group Inc.