SALINA, Kan.  Today, a national leader in food and agriculture consulting, KCoe Isom, is writing a new chapter. With roots dating back to 1932, this ‘U.S. Top 100’ accounting firm is rebranding as Pinion to encompass a more forward-thinking, proactive and global approach to business.

“This is a deliberate and proactive move to accelerate our mission, which is to continue to make a difference in the world we live in by using robust resources to help guide, strengthen and secure the future of agriculture operations and production,” said Jeff Wald, Pinion CEO.

“We know, in today’s challenging food and agriculture environment, knowledge is power. Pinion is enriching global resources for our farmer, rancher and landowner customers by revolutionizing information and insights.”

In fact, through the global reach of Pinion’s advisory services, farmers, ranchers and landowners can gain expert knowledge and assistance with their financial operations and data management, which helps them to mitigate risk and alleviate some of the many demands they have as farm business owners.

With the advantage of a firm that has been dedicated to the success of farms and ranches for 90 years, Pinion’s global cache of diverse ag production resources can help agriculturalists achieve a more fruitful production through holistic decision making.

The team at Pinion is truly a partner for agriculture businesses where working together delivers powerful strategies that drive businesses forward.

“Food and agriculture are at the root of Pinion’s creation, and remain two-thirds of our clientele today,” said Laura Sands, principal at Pinion, who leads the commodity crop sector. “With resources and services that offer solutions to growing profits, building business relationships, surviving market volatility and leaving a lasting legacy, Pinion can find a solution to any business’ need.”

Pinion’s sustainability experts protect what matters most to farmers and ranchers – the value of a farm’s land and legacy. When timely farm operational decisions need to be made, the partners at Pinion guide farmers and ranchers through everything from land, water and carbon markets to family business planning and preserving a long-standing legacy for generations to come.

Pinion also serves manufacturing, distribution and community organizations of all sizes with these and other offerings, including specialized tax, auditing and accounting services; consulting on legislative policies and public affairs; leadership development; strategic planning; and ag marketing, and sustainability.

Learn more about the Pinion team who is dedicated to helping businesses succeed well into the future at

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