Hay equipment manufacturer Kuhns Mfg., based in North Bloomfield, Ohio, has announced it will rebrand as Norden Mfg. The company's press release states, "Kuhns Mfg. has often been confused with another great company named Kuhn. Kuhn (without the s) is a great, 200-year-old company from France that also manufactures and sells hay equipment. They are much larger than we are. As we continue to grow in our global reach and product lines, we find it necessary to be clear in our branding.

"This change to Norden Mfg. is just one necessary and exciting step forward for our company. By renaming to Norden Mfg., we’re highlighting our values and giving clarity to our identity. We will always celebrate and be thankful for our history as Kuhns Mfg. as we navigate our path forward."

The name change will take place in early February.