When electronic parts begin to throw error codes or stop working all together in equipment, users can face delays in work, which often cost time and money. Equipment owners have options with how to fix electronic issues and get their machinery up and running again. One pathway for equipment owners to get back to work faster and in a more sustainable way is the electronics repair program at CNH Industrial Reman, available through authorized Case IH, New Holland Agriculture & Construction, Case Construction dealers. This program often provides repair for electronic parts that are obsolete and no longer available. Also, with extended supply chain issues in the market, the repair solution can help avoid delays when new replacement parts are limited or experiencing long lead times.

“With current market conditions impacting the delivery of new machines, we are seeing larger than normal demand for older machine parts support,” said Travis Stewart, product manager for electronics at CNH Industrial Reman. “That’s what makes the electronic repair program so important. New parts for older equipment may be obsolete and no longer available. Our resources can repair and sometimes reverse engineer obsolete electronic components that are critical for machines to operate. It’s providing end-users with an alternative solution to get back to work in a sustainable way.”

Stewart says partnerships with key vendors are critical to providing broad access to repaired electronic parts. For example, CNH Reman partners with Breizelec, Inc. to complete repairs on CNH Industrial branded electronic parts. By partnering with companies that already have repair and redesign electronics capabilities as well as understand how the machinery works, CNH Reman can repair parts that otherwise might not be available.

“The partnership between Breizelec and CNH Reman is beneficial to end users because it keeps their equipment operating,” said Lisa Trudel, General Manager of the North America Division at Breizelec, Inc. “Dealerships can offer customers a timely repair option that is also sustainable for a reasonable price. In some cases, repaired parts may be available as soon as the next day.”

Through strategic partnerships and constant discovery, CNH Reman is continuously increasing electronic repair capabilities to support agricultural and construction machines. Equipment owners facing delays for new replacement parts or having difficulty with locating obsolete parts are encouraged to work with their Case IH, New Holland Agriculture & Construction, or Case Construction dealerships on exploring the option for electronic repairs.

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