• Easily capture photos and data for trade-in equipment valuations
  • Reduce staff time while providing excellent customer service
  • Assign values by reviewing photos and data in one unified system
  • Generate reports as PDFs to send to potential customers or export photos to use for marketing

The HeavyWorth platform streamlines equipment valuations. Easily capture photos and data with mobile apps for trade-in equipment valuations on site. Reduce staff travel and provide excellent customer service with immediate and secure data sync across all devices. With HeavyWorth, you can assign values after reviewing the listings which are stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. Our software also gives you the opportunity to categorize photos, add collaborators, sort and filter complete catalogs and export those catalogs, or just the photos, for any purpose. Marketing, auction listings, customer inventories — you name it and HeavyWorth does it. Let us walk you through our comprehensive software and show you what it can do for your business.

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About the Speakers

Glenda Wegener

Glenda Wegener
Business Development Specialist, HeavyWorth
Glenda grew up on a farm in Norton, Kansas, and joined HeavyWorth after gaining extensive experience in sales and leadership roles within the insurance and financial services industries. Her background makes her uniquely suited to relate the needs of accurate and current collateral valuations to the challenges of assigning values to farm and construction equipment.

Melissa Rieke

Melissa Rieke
Sales Executive, HeavyWorth
Melissa is from northeast Kansas and is no stranger to machinery. She grew up in a trucking family that specialized in hauling heavy equipment — a speciality also shared with her husband's trucking company. Before joining HeavyWorth, she was a vice president in a small software company, handling marketing, accounting and more. She's focused on helping dealerships benefit from using our platform to streamline their equipment valuation processes.