The MY22 John Deere Planter with increased capacities, paired with the integrated ExactRate tanks on an 8RX Tractor, is an evolutionary planting solution that can increase capacity, minimize soil compaction and precisely place seed and fertilizer. The planter's factory-installed fluid tanks hold up to 600 gallons and feature air-bleed and overflow protection. Capacity of the planter's seed tanks was increased 30%, to 130 bushels.

Beyond capacity enhancements, tires on the MY22 John Deere 1775NT Planters can be replaced with factory-installed tracks to improve flotation and reduce ground pressure up to 73% (when fully loaded) to 13.3 psi. When half filled, these track-equipped planters can maintain a transport speed of up to 20 mph for up to two hours if necessary, expediting the time it takes to transport from one location to another. Another available factory-installed option is the premium LED lighting package that helps farmers extend their prime working days well into the night.

A John Deere ExactRate, fluid-transfer-equipped planter is designed to work seamlessly with 8RX tractors fitted with ExactRate tractor tanks to provide additional fluid-carrying capacity, allowing high rates of nitrogen application at planting without sacrificing planting efficiency or increasing soil compaction,

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