Hutchinson, Minn. — Every minute matters in the application industry. Each season, precious minutes are wasted spending too much time unloading trailers, maneuvering augers, cleaning out hopper bottoms and switching out equipment. To improve retailer efficiencies and enhance operator safety, Heartland AG Systems introduces the VPA 1000 tender. The VPA 1000 includes a dual chute auger system to discharge fertilizer from either side, a 43% faster unloading rate than our standard tenders, and self-cleaning bins to improve operator safety.

“Efficiency and safety are at the top of our minds for our customers. And, with the current labor shortages ag retailers are experiencing, a machine like the VPA 1000 can make a significant difference in their ability to cover more acres, with fewer machines and with fewer people doing it,” said Arnie Sinclair, President of Heartland AG Systems. “We are committed to pushing ourselves to create new and innovative technology for our ag retailers. We equip them with the most efficient machines to ultimately help them serve their customers better.”

The VPA 1000 side discharge tender is the industry’s first variable position auger system, featuring unloading capabilities on both sides of the tender at incredible rates over 5,000 lbs. per minute.

Operators can store the 22 ft. auger on either side of the tender – maximizing maneuverability for unloading, minimizing excess time positioning the auger and allowing for easier placement to fill multiple bin machines. The unique auger connection system eliminates leakage and product buildup commonly seen with 2-piece auger systems. In addition to enhanced speed and unloading efficiency, the tender also increases operator safety with 50-degree angled hopper bottoms, self-cleaning bins and product viewing windows to save drivers from the treacherous task of climbing up and down the tender to check levels.

“When it comes to tender design, the VPA 1000 is a step above the rest. Our goal with this piece of equipment was to take the cumbersome elements of standard tenders and turn them into added-value time savers for our ag retail customers. I confidently believe the VPA 1000 has helped achieve this,” shared Andrew Young, Engineer at Heartland AG Systems. “Our ag retail clients are being asked to do more work in less time, and the VPA 1000 can help them meet these demands without sacrificing worker wellbeing.”