Eurospand's Crono/Elettra Fertilizer Spreader with Weighing System features an electronic forward speed calibration and a weighing system with weight cells to conform the spread rate value independently from any variation of the forward speed. The Crono/Elettra is equipped with the VIBRO system without inner agitators that is able to distribute products like powdered lime, sulphates, pellets or organic amenders.

Two position sensors detect the on/off status of the hydraulic system and distribution. In order to avoid spreading beyond a field limit, the GPS transmits the signal of distribution start after the tractor has run a distance from the beginning of the field equal to the spreading width of the fertilizer spreader.

A 7 inch multifunction color monitor with integrated GPS detects and transmits the real forward speed to the system without the use of a wheel speed sensor. From the monitor, it is possible to instantaneously modify the quantity of acres and activate border spreading. Capabilities also include the monitoring of treated areas, remaining kilos, low fertilizer levels and system malfunctions.

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