Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Growers looking to put down less product more accurately

Geography: Applicable to all geographies

Key Selling Point: Lowering input costs, increasing application accuracy. 

The Smart Integrated Multi-Product Prescription Application System (SIMPAS) is a multi-product variable rate system to automate and variably apply multiple inputs across a field. SIMPAS application equipment allows growers to prescriptively apply multiple in-furrow dry and/or liquid products (insecticides, nematicides, fungicides, nutritionals and/or biologicals) while planting. SIMPAS dispenses product from containers that utilize SmartCartridge technology, similar to a printer’s inkjet cartridge and is sold by Trimble dealers as of early 2021.

Jim Lappin, director, SIMPAS Portfolio and Alliances, highlights increased efficiency in time management as the main benefit growers will see from the SIMPAS system.

“By only applying where you have problems, compared to applying across the whole field, plus being able to apply multiple inputs at once, you get more efficient time management,” he says. “You’re only applying the solution where it’s needed and where it can provide the best return on investment.”

He adds that SIMPAS automatically captures data about a grower’s application, creating an automated as-applied map of rate and where inputs were applied that growers can use to assess results and plan future applications.

Lappin says the SIMPAS system is targeted at row-crop operations with 22-inch or wider rows and is capable of working in all soil types. 

When discussing it with customers, dealers should emphasize the SIMPAS’ ability to optimize growers’ inputs, says Lappin. “While growers may save on individual inputs, we find they are often redirecting those budget dollars to solve other challenges,” he says. “Once they see the difference in input costs, they can use that saved money to solve other problems on their operations or drop the savings on their bottom line.”